Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I don't know why I get on these kicks-they are not coming out the way I picture them but they are sooo tiny and its frustrating even as I am having fun putting them together. I want a more realistic look I think I may try one in sepia-or those old black and white photos that were tinted. That is the id3eal look I want for these but I have to figure that out. Plus, I am wondering around with little pieces of paper and glue guns and glitter and my house is starting to look awful. I need a small barn of my own!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My new obsession-3D art in an Altoids box-now I just need to find a whole load of these boxes cause I already have four waiting in the wings. And who can eat that many Altoids???? I am doing the outsides also, a little glitter, a little picture . It is entirely too much fun

I loved working on wood for this. The rough texture really adds something to the picture. I did it in oils and it was really great-I love how they move and how they can take on all sorts of charateristics-I love how the wood grounds them and how rich they are. I HATE how expensive they are and how I go through a tube like it was candy. I am so used to the gouache or watering down acrylics (call me cheap) that it really amazes me how much IO can use when I indulge. And I like the outcome-another reason to get rich quick!!