Thursday, January 29, 2009

That moment of absolute pureness when you meet a child's eye and you both laugh or smile or wave-just following you basest impulse-that moment when you connect beyond the labels and the look-but spirit to spirit-that is the moment when we really see. How many people do we really see?? How many people see us?? How have we affected others in ways that we will never know? How many times have we avoided seeing because it was too painful or too embarrassing or too....well, too hard to see.....and how many times have we hidden ourselves? What if we didn't?

This is acrylic on canvas.........

I see you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I need a playroom. I have so many ideas (thanks Judy) after visiting the Walker with a friend yesterday that I am bubbling over..and it is very much fun..damn this house and having to keep clean and feed people....I would liked to be locked in said palyroom with books a fire, coffee and artist tools and then just play for days!!!!! EEEEEE-that is a delightful thought.
I did another little card today to get me going and now I must face the easel..............I really must finish this so I can move onwards and upwards......and over all those fences of fear I put up before myself..once I get going I will be fab!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun January?.2009

What is the date today?? EEEKKK.I just don't know. Had coffee with my lovely friend and as usual we spread our joy, said profound things and solved the worlds problems-we also gained some interesting insights on life. Lovely way to spend a Sunday morning..........I love getting those random (thank you TO all the 12 year olds in the world for overusing THAT word) Glimmers of insight ..they pull at your conscious like seeing something out of the corner of you eye and you can't quite grasp it but it jolts you for a moment and things are a bit different......Here is a large gouache on paper that I just husband is leaning over my shoulder needing the computer and critiquing my writing ...I am running away now

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday January 23, 2009

This is another little aceo card-I have done two today as well as working on two big paintings-one in gouache and one in acrylic. I could have them done today but I find myself moving cautiously because I like them so well. I love moving from one to the other and having little card breaks in between. The only drawback is it is sat and everyone is home and the mama is seemingly ignoring them and they don't like that. Which is where a studio with a door becomes a happy, happy dream...a door and a large coffee pot and running water.........I thought I had all day to do this but must know drive my daughter to a sleep over which means I have to make myself somewhat presentable..........perhaps I can just whip my cute coat over my seweats and no one will ever know....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009

This is a cool little 6x6 acrylic painting pad I got just to do different things with. So I was going for the foggy days when all you have is that one bright strip of light in the sky..the one you want to fall into because you are sure there is something magical and wonderful there. Kind of like people=we are all so magical and wonderful and years of crap and meaningless definitions have stilted our light. I have been thinking alot about this..what did we lose when we left our toys behind????

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wed The first day of Obama

Another abandoned farmhouse-just had to whip something out to feel like I can finish as I have two big pieces I am working on that are taking forever!!!!! But I am loving every minute of it-its just that I sometimes tend to rush to finish so I have to direct that energy.....doesn't it just feel more hopeful out????????

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009

I am in such need of acrylics-I am surprised I could finish this. There is a long list of what I need-but then, look what I can do with what I have. Life Lesson??? I think so!!! I am in the middle of two paintings that are coming out nicely, but I like to prime the pump so to speak with these little pieces.

My dog and I just had a long lover look between us, each pretending to love the other when we really knew it was a battle of wills over the latest thing he has got in his mouth. This time it is a velcro thing and I have no idea where he got it. I think he opens drawers.....ah life..

This is an eight by ten acrylic on canvas panel.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14,2009

I am still playing with the cards-I love it is cold and I am painting with fall colors. Perhaps I am trying to warm myself with color. I have a big painting I am working on but
creating my own little gallery is just a hoot. Kids are home sick which makes my routine fall away, but I am starting to think that is a good thing. Perhaps our routines trap us in subtle ways that affect our enjoyment...why do we put off joy so the house can be clean??? Is there joy in mess? I believe so.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12, 2009

Oh way too much fun with my new aeco cards-these are little trading card sized paintings that artists trade and sell-think baseball cards!!!!! The kids are sick today so I didn't do my lady I am working on as I need to get in the zone and have no little people yelling MAMA at me-but these little guys were fun!!!! My 5th grade teacher called me today and just hearing her voice made me feel all squishy and loved. Let us not forget the people who change out lives just because we are. That is a gift that has saved me more than once!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7,2009

I cannot explain why I do what I do. I wonder about that. Is it important to figure out your purpose behind things-or is just DOING enough. In the moment of doing it is truly wonderful and then I this worth I working toward dare I be happy doing something, shouldn't I suffer and am I making myself suffer over it by wondering what it is worth-ah, what a tangled web we weave.......and why can't my brain just take a break.

It is cold and this mornign tons of little kids were sliding down the hallways on the way to class. It was very sweet as they all clung to each other and watched out for and warned each other.

Maybe that is what we should all do every day!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6,2009

I am so tired, tired in my bones.....tired of fighting and trying to change myself. Tired of trying to prove who I am. Maybe instead of resolutions we should give ourselves a pat on the back for everything we have dared to do the previous year instead of picking at our 'faults'. What is a fault anyway? Just a bad label for something? Who shoulds on us-well, ourselves mostly. So if I could, I would take an old chair from my past drag it into this field and lie there with the sun on my face listening to the quiet, all by myself...and the critic inside me would stay behind for awhile.....and maybe Mr Rogers would stop by for a while offer me his sweater and just sit quietly beside me-like a good neighbor......

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009

Instant Ancestor-

This is a 2x2 acrylic on canvas that I am doing as an idea for art-o-mat. There will be an insert telling the history of this woman and the life she lead-and it is gonna be really funny. I think it is a great idea and will make it part of my sales at art fairs.
The new year has started with a nice interest in some of my art and my own conviction that that is what makes me happiest. I am soooooo soooooo sooooo looking forward to my darling family going back to the routine tomorrow so I can do more and have more time ALONE-much as I love the social I realize the older I get the more time I need to myself. The more I appreciate just from your joy is my 2009 motto!!!!