Monday, June 27, 2011

Now that I am back exercising every day I am really concentrating on eating healthy, Two months on the couch re arranged my usual firm waistline into something like a roll ..needless to say I am not pleased and am doing all I can to get back top my old self........however, I find myself painting desserts, cakes icecreme-at least I am not eating them!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I got stuck watching a reality show about who is the next great artist...couldn't sleep and got hooked on the last three episodes. They were all kind of wacky-the guy that won was a great drawer-but they kept kind of putting that part of him down. It reminded me of talking to a wonderful artist who sells all over the world-very successful and really great-he said no one takes time to learn to draw any more and if you don't have that as a base how much can you really do, One guy dripped bleach thru a holey plastic unto kraft paper......I just don't know, I can appreciate the process, but the product-what makes that art...of course that is the question...