Monday, January 23, 2012

Someone told me once"well, You are never going to be Rembrandt"

I never understood what was meant by that-that I should give up trying to paint people. That only Rembrandt is great. That that is the be all and end all of art so why are you even trying..

and this was from someone who was quite close to me

What do we do to ourselves and others- constantly comparing ourselves to others, it is such an odd thing that we embrace-that we are never good wnough-we need to lose weight, make more money on and on..

and back to my friends comment-

I should have said
so what
he already danced his dance-let me do mine

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It has been so long since I posted. the holidays make a mess of my schedule -not only that they always make me redefine what I want and who I am. for the first time I can remember one of my resolutions is to just enjoy being me-most of our wishes for the new year involve changing ourselves, dieting being kinder having more-which actually means that we are living from not liking ourselves and our actions and coming from a place of lack. this is so ingrained in my psyche and I am actually tired physically and mentally from it. What if we all got out of bed every morning and thought I am here now and that is so astonishing! What are the odds! What if we lived from a place that says I have more than enough just because I am-