Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh yes the joys of iron ons!!!!
i love using my images like this-it is just fun and happy. The ribbon edged pic is also a pocket so you can put a card, a note, flowers, sachet- whatever. I am working on others but finished this one first. I actually made my own tassels-because they are HUGELY expensive in the store. Its amazing what a little imagination and some elbow grease can accomplish. I made myself a deal to finish up all the unfinished projects in my studio-but that just leads to more ideas!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stars over Yellowstone!!!!! I love painting on board-it absorbs and spreads color and it is so alive. I wish I could find a bunch of birchtree sticks-I think that would be a great frame for this. Summer vacation has started and I am so happy about it. No more driving twice a day to drop and pick up kids!! I will get so much more work done. Too bad today is so damp, I need to mow -my husband just came by and said Wow-did you paint that??? I love when I surprise people. I am debating between a work out and a nap and that explains my whole character right there. All or nothing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I was having breakfast with a friend and she leaned over and said what the hell is going on with those bangs?? These are bangs I fight with every day-to get them smooth with a straightening iron -to combat the natural wave in my hair-to gel them into submission so I get the look I want. it suddenly struck me as she raked them back into my hair-why am I working so hard against myself????? So I have embraced my wave-and gone for the more natural Lauren Bacallishdo-as opposed to my longed for straight and framing look. Actually I look pretty damn good that way..and it is such a relief not to battle with it every morning. Not to mention trying to aviod the least amount of moisture which will make them spring out in curls. Ans so I thought how many of us battle against ourselves when it would be so much easier to work WITH ourselves..ah , life lessons!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Buffalo in yellowstone on board framed with sticks!!!! I loved driving through the badlands. The buffalos were amazing..they swarmed over the road and we all had to wait for them and they knew it-I love the smugness of that. I had a long talk with a friend and I came away thinking that maybe I think too small. So I am going to try and expand what visions I have of who I am and what I want......Thats my summers goal!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't know if my glue gun likes me or wants to torture me. Thin tendrils of glue cling to me long after I have fixed the object into position. Reminds me of how some people tend to leave things of themselves , pieces of emotion with you.
It was a great weekend, I proudly bought a paper poppy and wore it all memorial day. I love those things-they have not changed since I was little. We went to the horse races and I bet and mine won first place-I won a whole dollar and 50 cents!!!!!!! That was so exciting =to be cheering as your horse leaps out ahead and leaves the rest of them in the dust.
I really have no idea why I have been compelled to make these little angels but I have stopped asking why and just started to follow my gut. But why are my guts idea so messy and time con