Thursday, June 10, 2010

I was having breakfast with a friend and she leaned over and said what the hell is going on with those bangs?? These are bangs I fight with every day-to get them smooth with a straightening iron -to combat the natural wave in my hair-to gel them into submission so I get the look I want. it suddenly struck me as she raked them back into my hair-why am I working so hard against myself????? So I have embraced my wave-and gone for the more natural Lauren Bacallishdo-as opposed to my longed for straight and framing look. Actually I look pretty damn good that way..and it is such a relief not to battle with it every morning. Not to mention trying to aviod the least amount of moisture which will make them spring out in curls. Ans so I thought how many of us battle against ourselves when it would be so much easier to work WITH ourselves..ah , life lessons!!!


Janice said...

First of all Mindy, I really think that your frames are perfect for your last two pieces of art...a really neat idea!

Now about those bangs...let your hair be natural. Not everyone is supposed to have straight hair. We would all enjoy our lives much more if we didn't try so hard to be someone else, or do something we aren't capable of. I am not perfect and never will be. You're right...let's keep it simple and enjoy life! Do what we can, the best that we can. You
re doing great Mindy!!! Great attitude :)

Janice said...

See...I told you I wasn't perfect! It should have been "you're", not you re :)