Monday, March 23, 2009

What draws one person to another? What keeps you friends? When you realize that the foundation isn't as honest as you would like-can you change it? When another person doesn't see the you that you are-but only the you that they like you to be -is it time to move on? What if someone believes things about you that you know are not true-do you argue with them or let them be? Is it worth it if all you do is feel an uncomfortable old role that doesn't fit you any more-and when you shed that role-maybe some don't want to know the you that has emerged....even if it the true you that has been has been playing hid and seek for years-when you finally feel the strength to let your self be found..what if you want to play in another yard?


....RaeDi said...

Hello, I wanted to leave you a message and tell you how good you are as a artist and writer. You are really talented. Your inter soul comes through in your paintings and your writings. You can see the spirit as well as the character in each of your paintings. I love your work and words. I hope to be able to follow you.

....RaeDi said...

Hello, I wanted to say what a gifted artist you are and you have a way with your words. You seem to be a very soulful person, your thoughts are of the good that feeds each of our spirits. You capture the reality of age and of the pure grace of living. Thank you. I wish I knew how to join your blog ~ would love to follow your art and your writings. Thank you....RaeDi