Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am dropping off art today for a show at St Thomas-seems so odd. At first I really really liked what it came out like-now I am not so sure-once it was done it was like a tooth that got pulled. Its out and over and I can't remember the ache. I guess it is a matter of moving on with the work. I have been spending my time doing these little Halloween cards and paintings that are selling on ebay..nicely selling..and I really like it yet I miss SERIOUS art...whats that about?? Isn't art art?? Why do I feel the easier it comes the worse it must be??
I want to be all things..well, who says i can't???

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Ally said...

I really love this wonderfully old-fashioned picture that reminds me of the farm my mom grew up on, Mindy!
((*_*)) Ally