Wednesday, February 23, 2011

While taking off a (fake) Ugg boot the sat before valentines day I broke my ankle in three places-yes, I know, I am an overachiever in all aspects of my life. It was hugely painful and tiring. this was after my car accident in early feb. What was the lesson-as my friend asked-I guess the lesson is slow the f down. I have never been more waited on and loved than I have this week. My husband-who I always KNEW loved me-loves me more than I could ever deserve....I certainly would not have the patience and care that he has shown me. I am so content in the bosom of my little family, better than I have ever been. tHERE IS NO NEED TO PROVE MYSELF OR MY WORTH-THERE IS ONLY GETTING BETTER. So it has been an extremely revealing time-not to say I won't go back to my ever driven self at the end of this long process....but I will be more aware of myself in every day..and that is a pretty good leson-although it could have been a week long one instead of 7-12-sigh

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