Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jealousy. It rears its little ugly head in the most bizarre 15 year old had her play this weekend and I was thinking back to our five person theatre dept in high school, our gym stage and folding chair theatre, the one lightbulb on a dimmer....she is in a state of the art theatre that is better than almost every professional theatre I have ever worked in. I couldn't help thinking how much more prepared I would have been had I these advantages beginning in 6th grade. Then as I help to get this new vintage art and inspiration studio store open, the monster once again appears as I look at other works and other peoples skills. Interesting, how it kind of chokes your heart and makes you doubt yourself-but it also has made me question the safety of my decisions and how I approach my life.......I want to get bigger and louder and more colorful in all areas.....and so I started with this flower..from every little step something comes nearer

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