Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 4th

Hi!!! It is so good to be back. I have had a glitch in my life-its called spring break and it means everyone is home staring at me. It is kinda hard to get into your zen zone when people are THERE=always THERE.........
Anyway, it was great to throw them outside and paint. This is an acrylic on board and I am delving back into fairyland. I used to do that when I was a very teeny artist and I loved doing it..and then I sort of dismissed it as childish. I am learning so much lately about life and what it means and what I am doing-my head is spinning. I have a birthday this week so it always sets me off on looking deeply and wondering if I am living my true joy.
My big thought is that it is MY JOY-and I think I have been trying to appease some outside sense of who I am or what I should be doing. So just for today I am going to live my joy-back to the easel---HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

This is an acrylic on 8x8 canvas board. It will be available on ebay at:

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