Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 5th 2008

Something really interesting happened today-not while I was painting,but in a way the whole process of painting made me see life (with a big L) clearer...We went to an open house ..and it was truly our dreamhouse-everything we always imagined (except for Rauol my pool boy...)it was just glorious and too much-not a lot too much but just a little..and I started to wonder (now I sound like Carrie on Sex in the City) do we hold ourselves back from things in life in just how we think about I stood in the yard (HUGE wooded three patios and a creek-tree swing and a tree fort) I thought oh, this is so wonderful and I am not enough...for this kind of life ...if I were adventorous and brave I would start figuring it out-how much my house could sell for etc...but I run up against its not for you someone richer better prettier......its just setting you up for dissapointment, And then I thought-what if life were just like painting-If I just do it without thinking, if I attack the canvas with joy and enthusiam wonderful things happen...what if it were the same with life-what if the fear was useless not helping or protecting you but stopping you (gleefully it sometimes seems..) and then I finished these two ladies and I thought to myself...what if you take no chances at all and are left old and safe....and for thought...

This is done in acrylics on12 x 16 canvas board it will be available on ebay at

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