Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 6th 2008

Did this for a friend of mine-it was great fun. I did it in about two and a half hours I knew I had a limited time so I just kept moving. I did it on this watercolor board stuff by Frederick's-but the water color didn't take to it. It sort of repelled instead of absorbing so I went on with acrylics and the two worked together well. I am a little disappointed in the board . I did some florals on little clay board yesterday in watercolor and that worked well-so well my husband suggested I do a ton of these little ones and use them like tiles around the kitchen, I think that's a really fun idea or coasters...of course the only time I use coasters is at someone elses house where I pretend I do it all the time..same with elbows on the table...and a few other mannerly things that fade away when I walk through my own front door.....

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