Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008

How often do I censor myself in my life, in my work, in my wants?? It has been an interesting question for me because it is what I feel needs to change and grow-that honoring that part of me that seems foolish or irrelevant, the art projects that seem crafty and there fore not as valuable must be addressed and looked at. There is so much I feel I want to do but somehow I have taken another(or should I say another s) path. I overheard a conversation today that made me want to rush over and put in my two cents-a young girl was questioning her right to pursue what her career dream was because of " all the competition out there" and "who am I to think I can do that" "how can I apply for that job-there are so many others with more credits on their resume". Yes it may be true but there is only one YOU-one way YOU see it-one way YOU experience it. Just because you have a peice of paper saying you have gradutated from whatever does not mean you have made it-and just because you don't doesn't mean you can't. It appalls me how brainwahed I am with all this. It is hard to seperate the beliefs and creedo of the tribe from what you actually believe. I so blindly follow those rules and regulations that somehow we all agreed to. I want to break those rules and not worry about it. I want my instincts of what is right for ME to over ride what I think I SHOULD do or be.....

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