Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008

Okay it has been a million and five years and I have missed this. Not only because it allows me to dump some of my thoughts but the whole process is very satisfying. I have long, long been an admirerer of Arthur Rackman's art-just one of the great old illustrators who I thought I would grow up to be-oh, let's face it I STILL think I am going to grow up to be one. Dreams don't die, even though at times we shove them down, trample on them and carry the broken sharp edges around with us for years. I have come to think that instead of that, perhaps it is just time to take them out and play. there comes a time whien you are just so damn sick of the nos and the you aren't good enoughs that you just start thinking--why the hell not?? What is the measure of success-doing what you love or having it all-well, it would be nice if one creates the other but why stop if all it does is fill you with joy????? Aren't we all Frank Sinatra (or insert you fav singer) in the shower??

Watercolor 8 x 10

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