Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

I may go in and do more shadow but this makes me smile. Went back to gouache on big paper--LOVED it. Next I will work on my Christmas card. I really got inspired this morning as I went to the book fair at school with my son and not only did they have books(Oh, how I love books)-but they had COFFEE-GOOD CARIBOU COFFEE-and there was this incredible book edited by Cooper Eden who I have always loved since I was very small...and it was all about the fairy tale and the golden age of illustrators. I could have died right then and there and been happy...but I didn't. It just reminded me of how I always wanted to write and illustrate books and now through the tech we have you can do it nicely on your own!!!!!!!! I can have my own library of me...what a thought.....

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