Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Because of my stupid broken thumb i am having a hard time painting and a hard time typing.......and, well, everything else...who knew how useful a thumb was? so i decided to go ahead with some experimenting with ideas i have been playing with in my head-icons of ordinary people-i mean really, who is to say what a saint is...i know i have met a few in my time

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MJB said...

Well bless my balding head! I was having breakfast at Ann Sathers in our Chicago neighborhood and there was a picture on the wall that looked as though you had created it--I'm not sure when or where I had seen some your "old gals" art, but it rang a bell in my spacious skull. So I googled you awhile back and sure enough, you seemed to have surpassed Bill The Juggler in fame. A passing hello with warm regards to Bill and little Maddy (yikes, a teen by now) and hopes for a quick thumb recovery--ouch. Anyway, your art makes for fine wallpaper on the computer. Keep it up. Take care, Borgs