Wednesday, March 3, 2010

There was a call for art in a Newsletter I get that asked for Circus art-things that remind you of an amusement park. So I thought it might be fun. But as I started it I thought-really??? Do I really want to paint to an outside purpose for a show I may not get into but if I do I have to pay a fee???? On the other hand I think in illustrations so it was fun to whip this painting out of my head-in fact I have more fun doing that than alot of stuff-I think I will start to do illustrations for my own book. Self publishing is so easy now. I started working on a fairy coloring book and having lots of fun...and then came that know..what am I doing this for..who cares. Well, I care its fun and it can be sent out to all the little people in my life.....and that makes them happy!!!!! Off to ebay to post paintings!!! The sun is shining and the snow is melting

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Jan said...

I just love this painting Mindy!!! You have color and fun and it really does feel like the circus!!! Great job :)