Monday, May 24, 2010

We drove to Iowa to the Amana Colonies. It was a great little overnight. The garden store was one of the most amazing sites-lush, full baskets of flowers and great prices. I should have taken pictures but was too busy looking. Which lead me to this thought-Have I been so busy trying to BE someone that I forgot to live my life? and the answer is quite a profound thought and it hit me right between the eyes and hit me hard. What I love to do I always feel is a reward for doing what I don't want to do. I feel guilty and somehow ashamed of doing what I love....or if I can't make money doing something then what is the point? I have been musing on this mind set and how I can change it. It is a really interesting piece of information about myself and I think it may be very freeing in the end......can I just do what I love and love doing it........why not?


Janice said...

Hi Mindy!!! So happy to see your posting again :)

As far as your art goes, maybe you can enjoy what you do and not put a price tag on it, but your price tag is so reasonable that you should enjoy some reward for your talent.

This little painting is so adorable and happy looking...great work!!!

Judy Westergard said...

Yes, of course you can do what you love and love doing it! You just have to convince Those Who Demand Food (and we know who they are) that they're now officially self-sufficient.