Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oh, I am pretty proud of this.  A friend requested a floor cloth and wanted a Georgia O'Keeffe  kind of style.  I think I nailed it.  I really had a blast doing this and its usable art-which I love.   I bought a pink vintage shelf at my shop and am putting the porch back together is a kitschy, fun way.  Why I never gave myself permission to do this before I will never know.  Its almost as if I stopped living for a year or so and just stumbled along, just went with what is instead of really surrounding myself with that which makes me happy.  I feel a slight difference lately, an interest that has not been there for a long while.
   The daughter is back from college with a new cat.  Its been fun to see him try and acclimate to our other three animals.  The oldest cat and the dog are ecstatic about  a new friend.  The youngest cat is being a super brat-and she is usually the mellow one.  We had two dogs staying with us over christmas and there ws none of this growling and hissing behavior.

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