Monday, April 27, 2015

I just realized I was signed into the wrong gmail account when writing my last blogs. And they were good!!!!!!!  I have been fooling around with altoid cans and 3-d stuff which i am loving.  Then I got on an aceo fairy kick for a while.  Today I was bored of all that and moved on to portraits of women.......I love the smoking woman, she can out so well.  these are small but fun to do.  Getting details is har, I just bought a brush the size of an eyelash to do eyes and such.  It won't last long the way I am using it, but it works so great.

Spring is upon us and I am determined to keep moving -did my Insanity workout today and then walked up to the post office-so i hit 12,000 steps before noon!  Thanks to do more poractive things-like clean the basement...

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