Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30th, 2008
I am bummed I can't upload my latest from yesterday so I am putting this gal up that I did a few days ago. This was a hot day at the state fair. There is truly no where on earth like a Minnesota State Fair. Greasy, hot, sweaty , smelly -any food you want on a stick and crying and whining galore. The best part are the animal barns-the worst part was that they have changed the midway. My heart is broken. Instead of the one -toothed ,tattooed, foul mouthed Carny's of my youth-there were college kids in UNIFORMS. What was scary and fun and dangerous has now become disneyfied......god, it was awful.
This gal apparently had too much fair and was sitting in the midway-probably nursing her disappointment -and taking a rest under her huge umbrella. Note the madi gras beads...if it was New Orleans i would have accused her of lifting her top for them (of course, if it were the old midway I would have accused her of that anyway...)

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