Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 2008

Hey-I have been thinking and this painting a day thing is hard. I think that if you have two kids,a husband, a dog, a house to deal with and auditions and jobs it is a HUGE thing to get out a painting-plus make it reasonably good. I just finished one today that I am shoving in the back of the closet-the good thing is I didn't give up and I learned a few things-the bad thing is I wouldn't give it to my blind grandma-not that my grandma was blind but she did have a pair of those horned- rimmed glasses that were ALL the rage back then. It went well with her perm and sagging you know whats.........but ya know ,despite all that she still thought of herself as the most beautiful girl in the village. I think she should bless me with some of that confidence!!!!

This painting is 5 x 7 in acrylic on canvas board. It is available on ebay at

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