Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need blog followers. It suddenly occurred to me that I am writing to noone. Not that I really mind, I talk to myself an awful lot anyway but it seems sad that my little babies are here to see and no one wees them. This is something I have been thinking a lot about lately-how to be SEEN and how I can SEE people more. How many times have I overlooked someones essence only to find how blessed it is later.....How many experiences fear has kept me from fully feeling and living. That theme keeps coming up lately through other people, situations, little kicks in the rear from the universe. It is kind of a fun thing to happen as everyday it seems my windshield on the world is getting windexed a little more and the view is alot better than I thought it would be!!

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Jan said...

Hi Mindy~~~I check your blog quite often so I guess you aren't really talking to no one, I'm here :) I love how you paint these wonderful paintings of the elderly and children. I am going to be working on my blog starting today. I erased most everything because I too thought that no one was listening. You aren't alone~~~Jan