Saturday, May 25, 2013

Have I bragged about my book Yet?  I was so excited and happy doing this project-it felt so right. After I got the final real true book in my hand I was so disappointed in the reproduction that I couldn't even go thru it all.  I simply put it up on the shelf and walked away..  But as I was having coffee with one of the most wonderful friends (please run to the bookstore and get her book Billie Standish was Here by Nancy Crocker, you can thank me later)and she reminded me of what a truly great thing it actually was-I actually illustrated a book.  You can actually look up my name on!!!!  It was a huge dream come true.

So I started to think-how often do we belittle ourselves and our accomplishments?  How often do we remember what a  miracle we are?  Do we ever look in a mirror and think"well, HELLO there you amazing one of a kind intelligent gorgeous creature you(without it being a exercise from some self-help book-and do NOT get me started on those)

this is my book go there and look-because it is a damn fine piece and I did it!!!

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