Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yesterday I listened to  a Ted Talk by Benjamin Zander, a conductor and speaker and such a spirit of life force that I think he changed my life just by watching him.  He played a Chopin piece-one I have heard so many times in my life that never fails to move me, and he explained it-in a way that made me remember how much I loved playing the flute-I still have it and still play.  It reminded me of how I can read music just like I read words and how natural that was-and how blessed I was to be able to do that.  He reminded me how we touch each other and how important that is.  Then I listened to another talk-about how to create your best life (most of these just make me crazy) but the speaker asked this question  Am you willing to give up what you need to give up in order to have that life-

that means give up your negativity, your guilt, your sense of powerlessness, your shame, your victim-hood etc  and then I thought how I cling to these things-''why

is that what I want to have as the definition of me-who am I waiting for to okay the things I want

this is me giving that all up-I just headed to the studio and did what I love best
and this is what I got to show for it

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