Wednesday, March 11, 2015

  I think I am schizophrenic-I seriously have so many totally different styles and mediums , I can't even keep up.  I love my landscape paintings and pastels.  I love my old ladies-painted or pastel or drawn and I love doing little fairies-although they can seem trite-guess which sells the most???  Yep, the fairies.  Seems so strange you can sweat and toil and angst over a portrait or a landscape and it just doesn't fly off the etsy shelves like the fairies!  I kind of hate to paint toward what sells instead of what I want but if I want to make any money doing this that is what must happen.  So I am trying to loik at how people market toward a niche, even though I feel kind of weird about it.  Like I am selling out-or I don't know-kind of catering?  It should not make me feel bad, but I want to scream-but look at this great old face I just drew that came from deep in my soul!!!!!!!!

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