Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A couple of little cards-now that my thumb is better I can work alot more-HOORAY!!! I have been thinking alot lately about being kind to myself and it is a scary thing-what if one could accomplish just as much-perhaps more-by being gentle with oneself instead of doing it out of desperation..maybe that is not the correct wording....but sometimes it feels as if I am painting or working or cleaning to prove how okay I am . What if I lived from the place that I am okay-in fact, pretty damn fabulous without having to PROVE it every second-what a feeling of freedom that would be. What if the whole world was full of people who got up every morning thinking-wow!! I look great and I am pretty fabulous!!! I think that was the reason we were put here.....and then we started competing and hating and longing...ish. So for today I am going to believe I am one fantastic chick and see where it takes me!!!

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