Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here's the thing- When you live your live trying to get approval from all others-trying to be LIKED-you lose the one persons approval that you really need-which is you own. Without that you do the approval dance forever-but how can one break away from what is so embedded in your personality-it feels so selfish to do what I want to do and yet it feels sooo good. What I am reclaiming from myself is wonderful-all the things I neglected on the way. Someone said think back when you were 11 -what did you want to be? How true are you to that? What did you lose along the way. These pieces came so easy and happily-so then that little part of me says-they must not be good-you must SUFFER in order for it to be worth it..but a bigger part of me is saying oh, bullshit-why can't there be joy instead-

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