Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kids can be hard-cartooning them is pretty easy but trying to capture there little round big eyed faces escapes me.  And they move so fast-lightening expressions.  How do you capture joy in the eyes?  How do you capture joy in the soul.  There are times when you look into a child's face and it is so filled with the joy of the moment your heart almost breaks.  Oh, to be able to have that.  It takes work now to get there,it takes shedding a lot of the crap we pile on ourselves as some sort of truth.  As if suffering and punishment are the norm, as if we don't deserve to enjoy until we have paid a price.  Every once in a whiel you get a glimmer of that purity of the moment, when you are just being-and then as swiftly as you notice it, it is gone.  I must remember to honor those moments more than the painful reality I pretend to live in.  We make it all up as we go-why must it be painful.  I am glas that most times when I see a puddle, I will jump in it.  That I still love to squish mud in my toes, that the smell of fresh mowed grass can knock me right back to childhood and make me want to run outside barefoot and shrieking with joy-Joy_seize it

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