Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh for spring and color  and warmth!!!!  It was an amazingly insightful weekend for me.  Most of all I found that getting engaged with life, getting our and moving is so very important.  I can so easily fold into myself and forget there is a whole world going on without me.  We saw a 400 year old Vermeer painting-400 years old.  How amazing is that.  Such skill and such patience.  I cannot imagine having to make my own paints, and his light-such glorious light!!!  and 400 years later people are standing in front of it drooling!
I also realized how my tastes have changed over the years-I am smitten by the lines and colors of the 1930s.  I used to find them cold and off putting.  Now I find them so incredibly rich and inspiring.  There was a skyscraper nightstand that just blew me a way-it was like all the old Fred Astaire movies.  Such CLASS!!!!!!!!!!
I must remember to keep moving-keep getting out in the world-keep seeing

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