Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 15, 2008

I went to an art fair yesterday to scope it out for next year. It was in a really ideal location-very mellow and pretty with lots of places to sit..really swell. I talked to a few of the artists and got some great info from some of them. ' And I learned something today' (shades of South Park) 300. to 650. paintings really don't sell at an outdoor art fair. Perhaps these people gather fans who will follow and then buy later but it was a bit confusing..things that I loved I couldn't afford and I would have liked to have some of it surrounding me. There fore I think the idea of small affordable 'tastes' of art are really worthy. There was the COOLEST sculpture that was also a pot holder of a lady laying down and the potted plant would be like a hat-it was totally groovy and at 150. not a bad price, but who brought the truck to haul it out????? Really made me do some thinking and I had booth envy-these are really MY people-I like to hang out in a tent and talk..why haven't i DONE IT ALL SUMMER...PONDER today i had to paint a lady..just for fun-I am gonna have a whole wall full of fake ancestors at this rate

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