Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept 18, 2008

This is an old one as I am working on getting a fellowship application in by 2:00 and as you can see I am avoiding..why am I avoiding I ask myself??? I Think its because I have to write an artist statement and I have read alot of them and they go into the breakdown of men and culture, the psychological ramifications of taking a breath on the polluted orb we call Earth, how can I compete with I am really starting to value and love the spirit I see in everyones eyes-the things we try to hide because we don't understand that we all carry it. The lines and wear in a face that such beauty pours forth it makes one want to cry-the sheer pleasure of squeezing out a tube of paint,,of being carried off into someone Else's story for a while and loving them even more because you have felt with them-the tears in someones eyes who sees your work because they understand they have been there that is their grandmother their aunt who they lost and hold in their memories--sappy huh?? How to put that in words so that the leather clad, highly fashionable committee who came out to see My work a couple years ago when I was a finalist would actually pay attention to it-instead of asking me if I ever thought about doing abstracts (?-refer to the work around Mr I have cool glasses and a leather pant suit) Oh well-perhaps I WILL just pour out my heart

PS Finished and sent-do I really need the recognition to feel good about myself-well, it would be Really really NICE-AND i COULD FINALLY BUY SOME NEW GOUACHE INSTEAD IF DIPPING MY BRUSH INTO A DRIED UP TUBE

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