Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept 2, 2008

Oh blessed routine!!! Up at 530-work out,get kids up, make breakfast, drive to school and back home to paint. Man that feels good. Whipped out this little 6x6 this morning.
I don't let myself think because I am working on this other really involved project so I just forge ahead and paint. I also actually used some paint instead of being cheap and trying to save by using just a bit....and it works-boy, using a glob is really great, it really makes a difference-who knew?? I love not agonizing over a painting but just throwing it out there. That seems to be the most magic way to do it-talk about living in the moment....if we could do that with everything in life we would be so rich and content!!! I may even go back to putting things on ebay-its fun when they sell and who cares if they don't?? (Well, yes I do but since I don't have to see the peoples faces or hear their comments it is almost painless)

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