Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4th 2008

What Doesn't Count...

I have been working on this little book project which follows the fairy godmother character and a friend of mine on a little journey. I made the fairy godmother all be hand-no machine for me...I had so much fun-such sheer joy doing this . One reason because I hope it will bring a little smile to someone who needs it but the other was the sheer fun of doing something for fun-not for wondering how I can profit from it or could I market it or am I good enough just for the joy of making things. In fact I think I will have a business that says just that-Melinda Kordich:
I make things. At the same time I just finished a landscape that I really like and since I was on a self imposed time frame to get this done it just flew out of me.......meaning I didn't agonize over it. I just painted. The only complaint I have is there just isn't enough time-and really isn't that the BEST thing you could imagine from your work.

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