Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feb. 9th, 2008
Little landscape!!! In acrylics..and I did laundry and cleaned and picked up kids-all in a days work!!
I just finished another painting and I was watching Blazing Saddles right after to relax-I think I laugh more every time I see it. Madeline Kahn kills me. Maybe I should make it a priority to laugh more-makes me feel great and it is infectious. That makes me think..what can I paint that would make people laugh?? There is a painting at the Russian Museum called the MilkMaids and they are fallen over in laughter and everytime I see it I want to fall right into it among them and laugh my butt off....thats a gift-a peice that can make you feel that way eveytime you see it.
Rent an old funny movie today!

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