Sunday, February 10, 2008

Febuary 10, 2008

How may colors can the sky create??? Think about it-gold, yellows, orange,reds, blues-all sorts of blues, white, grays, black, green-I bet every color we can come up with. And yet when I think sky-I think blue. I wonder what other things I limit to some box when in fact it could expand beyond imagination. What about self-what limitations do we hold ourselves to-when in fact we are much greater and more powerful than we could ever hope to know. It IS an interesting thought. How do I define the things in my life, my life, myself ,that limits me to a rut that I claim not to like. HMMMMM..maybe taking responsibility actually means taking and using the greatness of ourselves, that defeating and negating ourselves is not somehow noble(who came up with that)-but sinful.......all this from painting a sky in a different way......

This is 8 X 10 on canvas and can be bid for on ebay at:

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